Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Testing FolkArt Glass and Tile Medium for Shine

My Folkart Glass and Tile Medium came today.   This is an air dry prep medium that someone suggested to me as being a product that can be used under air dry paints to prep the vinyl so the paint will stick better.  It can also be used as a final finish according to the directions to make the paint more durable.  It doesn't say anything about it making pigments more light fast however. 

Someone had asked me if I thought it could be used on a Genesis painted doll that has gone shiny so it could be matte without being taken apart to bake on Genesis Matte Varnish.  So I am testing it to see.

I tried to get a before photo of my test head to show that had some shiny spots but they didn't show up in any of my pics so all I have here is the after.  This head was painted with Genesis paints.  It has split in the neck where I overheated it.  The split has been repaired now.  I put the FolkArt all over him and pounced it out.  At first it looked shiny when wet but the more I pounced the more it dried to a matte finish.  This head is totally matte now except for the glossed areas like the mouth and such.  The shine on top of the head is the light of the lamp next to him bouncing off.   This product doesn't have a texture like Genesis matte varnish but it does have a different feel now as the head doesn't feel slick like bare vinyl does.  I will let it sit a week or so and if it doesn't go sticky I will match him up with some 1/4 Berenguer limbs and make a booboo baby.

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